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Native Australian Flowers

Native Floral event Lavish Flower Studio - Hennessy Mayfair

Native Floral Event at the Mayfair Hotel, Adelaide

As a passionate florist, I have dedicated my craft to the artistry of floral arrangements, and nothing captivates me more than the unique beauty that our native Australian flowers bring to the table.

The Wonders of Australian Native Flowers:

Australia is home to a rich and diverse array of native flora, each with its own story to tell. From the striking Waratah to the delicate Kangaroo Paw, these blossoms showcase the breathtaking biodiversity found in our great land. Lavish Flower Studio celebrates this diversity by incorporating these native treasures into our bespoke floral designs, creating arrangements that not only reflect the natural beauty of Australia but also add a touch of uniqueness to any occasion.

Exclusive Native Flower Event at the Mayfair Hotel Adelaide:

We were so excited to deliver a special event hosted at the luxurious Mayfair Hotel in Adelaide, where we showcased the beauty and versatility of Australian native flowers. This event was not just a floral display; it was a celebration of our Australian unique flora, an ode to the vibrancy that nature bestows upon us. It was an unforgettable experience as we transformed the Mayfair Hotel Hennessey Bar into a botanical paradise, with every corner adorned with the splendor of Australian native blooms.

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