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Introducing a new Shop Front – Lavish Flower Studio

Dilce floral designer in her new Lavish Flower Studio shopfront

“Blooming Beyond: Lavish Flower Studio Unveils a Floral Haven on Payneham Road”

Hello, dear flower enthusiasts and friends of Lavish Flower Studio! I’m Dilce Santos, the creative soul and hands
behind Lavish, and I’m thrilled to share some of my very exciting news. We are stepping into a new
chapter, and it’s my pleasure to welcome you to our blossoming flower haven and shop front on Payneham Road, Adelaide!

A Floral Dream Takes Root

Moving into a brick-and-mortar space on Payneham Road feels like my dream come true, and I’m beyond grateful for
the opportunity to bring the magic of Lavish floral design closer to you.

Choosing Your Florist: A Blooming Affair

In the world of floristry, choosing the right florist is like selecting the perfect bloom for your bouquet. It
requires care, attention, and a touch of intuition. What should you look for in a florist? At Lavish, we
believe it’s about finding an artist whose passion resonates with your vision. It’s the seamless blend of
creativity, attention to detail, and a genuine love for bringing dreams to life.

Crafting Beauty: The Five Elements of Floristry

Floristry is an art form, a dance between nature’s wonders and human creativity. The five elements — color, form,
texture, space, and style are the all important notes that play together to create a symphony of natural beauty. As we step into our new shop, each
arrangement reflects not only these elements but the heart and soul poured into every petal.

Traits that Bloom: What Makes a Great Florist

A great florist is more than just a skilled artisan; they are storytellers, dream-weavers, and creators of
emotion. Patience, attention to detail, and a genuine passion for the craft are the character traits that set a
florist apart. At Lavish, our floral creations are a manifestation of these traits, a testament to the artistry
that blooms from the heart.

Tools of the Trade: 5 Essential Floral Supplies

Ever wondered about the tools behind the magic? Floral tape, wire, pruners, foam, and ribbons, these are all the unsung
heroes of our craft. As we settle into our new space, these supplies become the all so crucial brushes with which we continue to paint the
canvas of Lavish Flower Studio’s story.

A Floral Promise: What to Expect from Lavish

What can you expect when you step into Lavish Flower Studio? A warm welcome, a burst of colors, and an experience
that transcends the ordinary. Our commitment is to turn your floral aspirations into tangible moments of beauty.
From handcrafted arrangements to personalized consultations, expect nothing short of a floral journey tailored
just for you.

Join Us on Payneham Road: Where Blooms Come Alive

I invite you to join us on Payneham Road, where Lavish Flower Studio has found its new home. Explore the enchanting
space, lose yourself in the beauty of flowers, and let us be part of your special moments.

In Full Bloom,
Dilce Santos
Founder, Lavish Flower Studio

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