Rustic Heaven


Introducing “Rustic Heaven” – where nature’s charm meets artistic elegance. The enchanting beauty of this thoughtfully curated floral masterpiece, brings a touch of rustic bliss to any space.

Rustic Heaven sits in a distinctive vase adorned with dried lotus leaves, adding a unique texture and natural allure to the arrangement. Fresh Gerberas, orchids, Protea, yellow roses, and banksia leaves elegantly come together in a harmonious dance of colors, creating a stunning visual symphony.


This arrangement showcases natural beauty and the delicate balance between the exotic and the familiar. All elements, from the vibrant Gerberas to the exotic orchids contribute to the arrangement’s captivating allure. The pom pom chrysanthemums, affectionately known as “mums,” add a playful touch, complementing the design with their cheerful demeanor.


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